Facebook Myths, Debunked

Regular facebook users may have noticed a few odd messages in their feed lately. These feed items are at best misleading or wrong, and at worst can actually make you less safe if you believe them. The three most pervasive current myths are (1) Facebook’s new algorithms prevent you from seeing posts from more than X number of friends you’ve followed. (2) Facebook has something against a particular group of people (most recently, grandparents!). (3) Do not copy and paste at the risk of virus infection.

False, false, and false.

First off, it’s true that facebook algorithms are indeed secret, complex, and always changing behind the scenes. But why would the world’s largest social media machine want to limit the number of friends you’ve followed? Facebook (and social media in general) depends on engagement – the more, the better. Limiting friends is just counterproductive.

Second, the myth of blanket “hate speech” removal. Yes, facebook has (and should have) hate speech filters for criminal, indecent, and other blatantly unacceptable posts. Yes, occasionally some poorly worded post may be misinterpreted by the filters as hate speech. Chances are your post will not be flagged if worded more appropriately.

Last, the virus myth. Copying and pasting cannot transmit viruses. If it could, we would all be overwhelmed by viruses at every turn. This nuisance myth seems to be targeted towards fear and inexperience.

This article takes a more in-depth look.

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