Use These Two Weather Apps Together For Superb Forecast Results

Weather apps and weather forecasting have never been an exact science. If accurate weather is important to you, you may want to hedge your bets. Installing two different apps with two different weather source providers is a great idea. My apps of choice are Wunderground and the widget “Weather & Clock Widget”.

Weather & Clock Widget is highly customizable. You can configure size, appearance, hourly vs. daily forecast, weather advisories, and all kinds of detailed weather info. What I like in particular is one-tap access to 5 day and 10 day forecasts.

Wunderground can’t be beat for “hyperlocal” and up-to-the minute forecasts. I was amazed at the number of community based weather stations – there were three within 1 km of my home. The app is also rich in information, but I found the widget a bit more intuitive to use.

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